NEW SERIES - Joy of Israel with Jamie Geller

You know her from the Joy of Kosher. You loved her in the Joy of Aliyah. Now Jamie Geller is back in the new ‘Joy of Israel’ series!

Following the ten successful mini-episodes documenting Jamie Geller and her family in their larger-than-life Aliyah, which culminated in a full-length film featured at the Jewish Film Festival at the Jerusalem Cinematheque, Jamie Geller is partnering with Nefesh B’Nefesh for the sequel series. The new series will follow Jamie and her family on their adventures as new Olim, as they explore the wonderful new land that they now call home.  

The episodes will be airing the 1st Tuesday of every month and can be viewed at Don’t miss a single episode!

The first episode of Joy of Israel will premiere on April 2, 2013.